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International Student and Scholar Services is committed to providing culturally sensitive services of the highest quality. We strive to create an environment that is conducive to a successful educational, personal, and professional experience. We serve our international population and campus units through advising, immigration services, programming, advocacy, and outreach.

        • ISSS offers thirty minute long one-on-one advising sessions to address students’/scholars’ specific circumstances and questions. Appointments can be in person or over the phone.

          Walk-in advising is designed for students with urgent questions regarding their immigration status. During these hours, an ISSS advisor will be able to meet students without a scheduled appointment.

          University faculty and staff are encouraged to call and speak with an ISSS Walk-In Advisor if they have any questions or concerns regarding international student issues.

          Advising appointments are available for spouses and families of international students, scholars, and faculty regarding immigration, cultural, social, and educational needs.
  • Consult ISSS first for all immigration concerns and questions

    Sometimes students and scholars will obtain information from friends, family, and various websites. Although this may be convenient, it is possible that the information may not apply to an individual’s specific situation. Never hesitate to set up an appointment with an ISSS advisor.

  • International Student Orientation offers informational sessions for new students to learn more about the services and resources available to them during their studies at the University of Illinois, as well as information regarding their immigration status, such as employment eligibility and maintaining valid non-immigration visa status.
  • ISSS hosts programming events throughout the year, and encourages all international students and scholars to take advantage of these resources. Highlights include cultural events, employment and career workshops, health and well-being sessions, and The Indoor Soccer World Cup Tournament.
  • ISSS offers cultural training seminars and other workshops for University faculty and staff to further develop their understanding of issues facing the growing international community at the University of Illinois
  • ISSS serves as a liaison with United States government agencies, educational foundations, program sponsors, campus units, and community organizations

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