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Julie Misa
Julie is responsible for the leadership and overall management of the office of International Student and Scholar Services.

Carol Buss
Director, Faculty and Staff
Carol oversees all office operations regarding to International Faculty, Staff and Scholars.

Martin McFarlane
Associate Director
Martin oversees the student side of the office. He also advises international students and is the office's student immigration regulations contact.

Cheryl Hinkel
Senior Assistant Director
Cheryl advises both international faculty and staff on H visas and international scholars on J visas.

Erin Schiller
Senior Assistant Director
Erin holds advising sessions with students, coordinates new student check-in together with Stephanie and Afroza, updates publications and is in charge of programming for international spouses. She is the office liaison to Housing, the International Hospitality Committee and McKinley Health Center.

Stephanie Dvorachek
Senior Assistant Director
Stephanie takes daily appointments with international students, co-coordinates new student check-in, and organizes undergraduate programming. She also serves on IlliAAC and is liaison to the Tenant Union Board.

Afroza Faruque
Senior Assistant Director
Afroza meets with students, organizes programming for our undergraduate population, helps plan international student check-in and is liason to the Career Center and Counseling Center. She also serves as the webmaster for this site.

David Zhao
Assistant Director
David takes appointments with students, works on undergraduate programming, liaisons with student organizations and leaders on campus and also serves as liaison to the Leadership Center.

Briaunna Ponder
Assistant Director
Briaunna shares advising responsibility with Cheryl and Jessica Wade for international faculty and staff on J visas.  She also advises students and organizes New Student Orientation.

Jessica Wade
Assistant Director
Jessica works with Cheryl and Briaunna to advise both international faculty and staff on H visas and international scholars on J visas.

Amira Al Mutairi
International Advising Specialist
In addition to advising our international student population through one on one appointments, Amira co-coordinates ISSS orientation programming with Briaunna.

Jennifer Avery
International Advising Specialist
Jennifer meets with and advises all categories of international students, as well as leading the office’s publication efforts including both our cultural newsletter and monthly updates to students.

Nick Dunn
International Advising Specialist
Nick is available for one on one advising appointments with all international students, as well as being in charge of international student volunteering efforts and serving as liaison to the University YMCA.

Lily Huang
International Advising Specialist
Lily meets one on one with our international students, and also oversees the International Orientation Student Leaders, a group of international student employees who assist ISSS in many different areas throughout the year. Lily is also responsible for all ISSS social media outlets.

Patrice Benjamin
Advising Assistant
Patrice is responsible for F-1 OPT workshops, and assists with various walk-in questions from students and scholars.

Alexander Hall
International Data Management Specialist
Alex manages the ISSS database to make sure the office is in compliance with federal regulations related to SEVIS. He is also responsible for all statistics and demographic information.

Nancy Esarey Ouedraogo
International Data Management Specialist
As Data Management Specialist, Nancy serves as project manager for the conversion to Sunapsis software for University SEVIS-related processes. She also assists Alex in managing data for international students to ensure compliance with federal regulations associated with SEVIS.

Heather Binder
Office Support Associate - ISSS Faculty and Staff Office
Heather assists international scholars, faculty and staff, as well as campus units, with questions and documents.

Helen Agans
Office Support Assistant
Helen works at the ISSS front desk and answers student/scholar questions, takes phone calls, and schedules appointments with advisors.

Datial Jones
Office Support Assistant
Datial is often the first point of contact for international students and scholars visiting ISSS. He schedules appointments and assists students and scholars with forms and requests.


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