updating your ds-2019

All DS-2019 updates require students to submit an DS-2019 application form. Additional documentation will be required depending on the reason for the update. Please read below for further instructions.

Program Extension

Extension of current program if more time is needed to complete program.

Additional documents required:

Change of Field

Change to a new field of study without completing the previous field.

Additional documents required:

Change of Level of Study or Change to a New Program of Study

Change of level may mean going from a Master's to a PhD or completing a Master's program and starting a new one. A petition must be filed with and approved by the Graduate College before ISSS can issue a new DS-2019.

Undergraduate students changing level to graduate studies will receive their new DS-2019 from the Graduate College instead of ISSS.

Additional documents required:

Change of status to J-1

Addition documents required:

Adding J-2 Dependents

If you would like to add a spouse or a child as your J-2 dependent.

Additional documents required:

Update DS-2019 to support a renewal J-1/J-2 entry visas

If you would like to update your DS-2019 in order to renew your visa. You will only need to submit the DS-2019 application form.

Return from Academic Absence

Additional documents required:

Replace a lost DS-2019

If you lose your DS-2019, you can request a reprint of your document by submitting an DS-2019 application form.

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