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IHC English Classes

IHC free English classes are informal groups that meet once a week for 90 minutes, with the focus on English conversation.

IMPORTANT: Due to the coronavirus and the policies of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) all of our IHC programs and classes are available in a virtual format. Please contact the respective IHC program coordinator for details.

The spring and fall classes generally follow the university semester schedule. We offer classes at different language levels; however, the most popular level is usually intermediate.


English Class schedule

This schedule also includes the meeting times for the IHC Friendship Group.


The teacher’s main function is to facilitate the conversation, think of topics, and help students with pronunciation and new vocabulary. They also can point out and correct common grammar mistakes. In practice, the function is less “teaching” in a formal sense, and more ensuring that class runs smoothly.

If you or someone you know has studied or taught English before, this is a great volunteer opportunity and way to get involved in the local community. The people who come to the IHC classes are very enthusiastic and motivated about practicing English, making these classes are a lot of fun to lead.

If you are interested in this great volunteer opportunity, please fill out the IHC English Conversation Classes - Teachers or contact Vivienne Mackie (