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ISSSTRAINS refers to the intercultural training opportunities provided by ISSS.

ISSS offers workshops, student and scholar panels, and coaching to build the skills that lead to more effective intercultural communication and exchange.

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Participants leave our interactive workshops with the intercultural knowledge and skills they need to succeed on diverse teams as they serve our international population.

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Hear directly from international students and scholars about their home countries, cultures, family dynamics, education systems, their university experience, and more.

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We work with participants to assess global competence, provide custom development plans, and work with teams as they build their intercultural communication skills.

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Training Workshops

Each workshop follows this simple plan: practice cultural awareness, learn intercultural self-management skills, and apply intercultural models to your workplace. Participants describe our workshop atmosphere as “relaxed and collegial” and report feeling more equipped to solve intercultural communication problems in their work.

This classic ISSS training examines 6 causes for intercultural communication breakdown and offers suggestions for how to avoid them.

ISSS’ Names training reviews the phonetic components of specific languages and teaches participants how to pronounce names in those languages correctly. Current offerings are Chinese and Korean.

Communicating Across Language Difference explores the various communication styles: direct vs. indirect, linear vs. circular, affective vs. neutral. It encourages participants to consider how adapting to various styles can improve communication.

In this training, participants will become acquainted with the stages of intercultural development. As participants develop intercultural competence, they will learn to bridge the gap from diversity to inclusion.

This assessment tool evaluates where participants are on the Intercultural Development Continuum and offers a developmental plan to progress to the next stage. Includes a one-on-one coaching session with a Qualified Administrator!

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