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ISSSTRAINS encompasses workshops, student and scholar panels, and coaching to build the global skills that lead to more effective and enjoyable intercultural communication. Due to COVID-19, ISSS is hosting events and workshops in a virtual setting.

We take intercultural theory and international experience and help you develop global competence right where you are. ISSSTRAINS will help make sure that translates well in your diverse teams and as you serve diverse, international populations.

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Participants leave our interactive workshops with the intercultural knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to succeed on diverse teams as they serve our international population.

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Hear directly from international students and scholars about their home countries, cultures, family dynamics, education systems, their university experience, and more.

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We work with participants to assess individual and team global competence, provide custom development plans, and work with teams as they build new habits and systems of intercultural communication.

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Training Workshops

Each ISSSTRAINS Track is a two-hour interactive workshop that follows this simple plan: practice cultural awareness, learn intercultural self-management skills, and apply intercultural models to your workplace. Participants describe our workshop atmosphere as “relaxed and collegial” and report feeling more equipped to solve intercultural communication problems in their work.

Orange Track

In the Orange Track, participants learn the Stumbling Blocks to Intercultural Communication, the various habits, mindsets, and perspectives that can serve as barriers to effective intercultural communication. Participants will learn how to identify these barriers and leave the workshop with practical tips for overcoming them. Next up is Communicating Across Languages. Linguistic and cultural differences can muddle communication and cause people to act different from their authentic selves. This module builds intercultural empathy and skills for bridging linguistic divides so we can better serve our colleagues, students, and customers. We close with exploring intercultural Communication Styles. Differences in style are natural, but can cause confusion and even conflict. Participants identify their own communication styles and use that knowledge in their workplace to communicate more effectively and appropriately.

Blue Track

In the Blue Track, participants practice cultural awareness through Fundamental Intercultural Concepts. Participants will gain a basic understanding of what culture is, as well as how cultural values shape our personal perspectives and the ways in which we interact with others. How and when do we apply cultural knowledge? Mindful Intercultural Communication is a practice for engaging in intercultural situations with intentionality and emotional intelligence. We close by exploring Cultural Considerations in the Workplace. Deep cultural differences can frustrate and divide teams unless you proactively identify and reconcile those differences. In this module we explore how we differ culturally from our teammates and workshop actionable ways to build on the strengths those differences represent.